Ali Larrabee, Online Fitness Coach - Azalee helped Ali redefine her brand when she wanted to pivot her niche. She made it easy for Ali to position herself as an expert in her new niche and attract clients.


"I had the pleasure of working directly with Azalee on many projects. Her subject matter expertise along with extraordinary research and analysis skills helped us drive better product and strategic decisions. Her relationship with the entire team was positive and constructive. She is always seeking to improve her knowledge and access to opportunities. Her adeptness with social media trends and targeting is top-notch. I recommend Azalee because she would be a valuable asset and bring a very talented mind to any organization."

Grant Gibson
Program Manager, Ring

Shauna Felix, GiVE CULTURE Founder - Azalee guided Shauna to see more sales online in 1 month than she saw in the entire year prior. She took the burden and overwhelm off Shauna's shoulders by creating a strategic plan that helped Shauna know what to focus on first.


"Azalee is an incredible asset to any team. She is focused and is very detail-oriented. She has the skills to manage others, as well as the ability to work with a team and play a role. She is incredibly self-directed and has excellent communication with teams and management. Azalee is professional and she cares deeply about everything she puts her hands to."

Omar Underwood
Product Manager, byte

Taylor Scott, Leadership Coach - Azalee was able to take his ideas of what he wanted to be and build a branding and marketing strategy that positioned his personal brand in a prominent and meaningful way that led to the attraction of his ideal clients.


"Azalee not only manages and maintains our social media platform, but she also provides her skillset in creating training material, procedures, and documentation for the on-boarding of new artists using the TuneGO platform. Azalee also provides valuable information on app testing for our engineering team with feedback from current app users. She assists in developing our customer service communication system via Intercom and provides detailed documentation that incorporates video training gifs. Her personality shines throughout the company, it’s really nice to work with her. I definitely recommend Azalee for any company or client who wants someone who excels and goes above and beyond what is required of them."

Cynthia Nieto
Production Designer, Zappos

Amber, The Nerd Wife, Content Creator - Azalee helped Amber to increase engagement and reach for her content. She also helped Amber open her eyes to more opportunities with digital media.




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