Why I Love Rejection

Have you always loved rejection?

No way! If I ever got rejected I took it SO personally and it upset me SO much.

So...what changed?

Two things changed.

  1. I unapologetically became myself.
  2. I created my own rules.

Let me explain.

Unapologetically be yourself.

When you're 100% yourself and you're not apologizing for it, you don't have to try to act a certain way. You don't have to try to live up to a certain expectation. All you have to do is do what you feel is right for you. For me, that includes loving dogs, unicorns, anything pink, brunch, anything social media, my family, my friends. I know who I am and I'm VERY clear on that. (I'll get to why this matters in a bit.) So figure out who you are, and be yourself!

Create your own rules.

Once I knew what I wanted, and what I didn't want, I had to put rules in place to respect that. I have rules in place for both my personal and my professional life. Some of my personal rules are taking time to learn new things, working out, eating right, my friends and family are a high priority for me, and being positive. Some of my professional rules are that I won't work on someone's social media until they complete certain forms and they have a certain amount of days they have to give me before they can cancel a service. Keeping to these rules is the only way I can show myself I respect myself and I know when I stick to these rules, I'm happy. So figure out your rules. Write them down, and stick to them!

So now...why these two changes matter.

Why I love rejection.

Okay, so what do these have to do with rejection? Because if someone is rejecting you then they either don't want to follow your rules and/or they don't like who you actually are.

Do I want relationships with these types of people? NO! And that's why I LOVE when someone rejects me. Because that tells me right off the bat that I did a great job of letting them know that I'm not right for them.

When you're unapologetically yourself and have your own rules, you will ATTRACT the people you NEED in your life and DEFLECT the people you're better off WITHOUT!

Are you excited to be rejected?

I hope this blurb prompts you to take a look at your own rules and whether or not you're unapologetically being yourself! Once you have these two things on lock, the next time you get rejected, I hope you smile and thank them!




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