Phentermine vs. Phen Caps

What's Phentermine and Phen Caps?

You can check out my full review of Phentermine here. Basically, they're both appetite suppressant pills. Phentermine is a prescription drug, while Phen Caps can be bought online here

Why Are You Doing This Comparison?

I've taken Phentermine and Phen Caps asked me to do a review of their product in exchange for a bottle of Phen Caps. Phentermine has some negatives (that I'll get into in a bit) so I decided to try Phen Caps out and share the results with you in comparison with Phentermine. 

Which Pill Suppressed Your Appetite the Most? 

Definitely Phentermine. BUT, Phentermine also makes you nauseous (which would obviously make you not want to eat). Phen Caps reduces your appetite without the nausea. 

Which Pill Lead to the Most Weight Loss? 

When I was following a strict diet, I lost about the same on both pills. When I wasn't following a strict diet, both pills helped me maintain my weight. Phentermine gave me fewer cravings for sweets which also helped with sticking to a diet, Phen Caps didn't reduce my cravings.

Did Phen Caps Cause Your Hair to Thin Like Phentermine?

No! I was pleasantly surprised that my hair actually got thicker while I was taking Phen Caps. My hair thinned quite a bit while I was taking Phentermine. 

Did Phen Caps Make Your Stomach Hurt Like Phentermine? 

Nope! I was pretty nervous to start taking Phen Caps because I was worried it would hurt my stomach like Phentermine did. But it didn't bother my stomach at all! 

Did Phen Caps Give You the Same Energy Phentermine Did?

Yes! I was happy about this as well. I've been trying to avoid caffeine and Phen Caps gave me enough of a boost to not need additional caffeine. With Phentermine it would wake me up but I would still need caffeine or I'd feel drained. 

Are Phen Caps Expensive Like Phentermine?

No! Phentermine would cost me about $150 a month. Phen Caps are less than $70 for a month supply. Plus, with my link, you get 20% off. Click here to get 20% off Phen Caps.

Did Phen Caps Make You Anxious Like Phentermine?

No! Phen Caps didn't make me anxious at all. Phentermine caused a lot of anxiety for me when I took it.  

Did Phen Caps Give You Dry Mouth Like Phentermine?

Nope! Phentermine dries out your mouth LIKE CRAZY. This wasn't an issue with Phen Caps. 

Did Phen Caps Make Your Heart Race Like Phentermine?

No! I never had a racing heart while taking Phen Caps like I had while taking Phentermine. 

So...Which is Better? Phen Caps or Phentermine?

I'd have to say Phen Caps. Phen Caps are less than half the price of Phentermine, you don't have to go to the doctor to get them, and they don't cause the negative side effects that Phentermine causes. Phentermine may help you lose weight a little bit faster since it helps more with cravings but I don't think all of its cons are worth its' side effects. 



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