Laser Hair Removal...Is it worth it?

Why are you talking about laser hair removal?

Well if you follow me on Snap or IG (@AzaleeMaslow) you know I've been getting laser hair removal at Simplicity Laser. (If you sign up there mention my name so I can get a month free :) )

What you may not know is I've been getting A TON of questions about it. So here are all your answers!

What is laser hair removal?

It's a laser that zaps you and you grow back a lot less hair.

The laser has a cold air blower attached to it to make it hurt less!

Oh when they do your legs, they draw white lines on them to be sure they get every spot.

What parts of your body are you getting lasered?

My lower legs, the top of my feet/toes, armpits and Brazilian.

Isn't getting your Brazilian lasered awkward?

I've been getting my Brazilian waxed for YEARS so it doesn't really phase me. I just lay back with my legs in a butterfly and watch Snap stories.

The only part that's different than getting a Brazillian is when they do you butt. When you're getting waxed you hold your knees to your chest while laying on your back and it takes two seconds.

When you get your Brazillian lasered, you literally have to lay on your stomach and hold your buttcheeks apart. Last time they accidentally squirted the air into my yeah it's a little awkward.

Why aren't you getting more parts of your body lasered?

I'd 100% get my brows done if I could...but you can't. It's too close to your eyes.

I'd also love to get my arms and upper legs done. But...the laser only works on dark hair. My arm hair and upper leg hair is pretty light so if I used the laser on them, I'd actually grow more hair. (Weird, right?!)

Does it hurt?

YES!!! I don't get how some girls say "oh it feels like a rubber band snapping on you". BS. It feels like a rubber band if that rubber band is on fire with needles attached to it.

Okay...maybe that's a little bit dramatic but seriously it hurts.

All parts aren't created equal though...the armpits hurt way worse than the legs or Brazillian. (I heard it continues to hurt more the more you go so hopefully they all don't get worse!)

Isn't there a cream or something to make it hurt less?

Yes! They sell a cream there. It's $25 for the smallest bottle in the world. I bought it to see if it'll make my armpit zapping a little less deadly. I haven't tried it yet though, so I'll let you know.

How many times do I need to get lasered before it works?

It's different for everyone. 5-9? There's a lot of conflicting info on the internet about this. So honestly I really don't know. But I did see a reduction in my hair after just two armpit treatments.

How long does each laser treatment take?

5-15 minutes. It's pretty quick.

It takes a little longer when you have to put the paper gown on. You definitely need it when you're getting your Brazillian done.

You could need it with your legs/armpits depending on what you're wearing.

Do I have to wait a certain amount of time in between my laser appointments?

Yes. How often you go depends on the area you're getting done.

For my armpits and Brazilian, I'm going every 6 weeks. For my lower legs, I'm going every 8 weeks.

They'll tell you how often to come.

Is it expensive?

Not as expensive as it used to be. (It used to be like $10k to do your entire body).

I did a contract for 2 years to have my entire body lasered. By the end, I should be totally hairless.

Normally this package would be $99 a month. (No sign-up fees or anything). They have a 3 areas package that's like $89 a month or something like that.

Even though I'm only having 3 areas done, I chose to do the $99 a month package because it was on sale for Black Friday for $80 a month. (So it was cheaper than the other package.)

Before I signed up for this membership, I did buy a few packages on Groupon. Once I saw I was getting results and decided I could handle the pain, I decided to go for the membership.

They applied what I spent on the Groupon, to my membership, so I only pay $67 a month. I used to pay $65 every six weeks to get a Brazilian wax, so I thought it was a pretty good deal considering in 2 years I'll be hair free!

Is there anything I need to do before laser hair removal?

You have to shave 12-24 hours before and you have to stop waxing at least 3 weeks before.

You can't tan and you can't spray tan. (The spray tan is literally my least favorite thing about this! I can't wait for two years from now when I can blossom into a beautiful bronzed smooth butterfly. But until then I'll be a moth. LOL)

Oh and don't wear deodorant to your appointment if you're getting your armpits done!  (No lotion or oils either.)

Is there anything that laser hair removal prevents me from doing?

Waxing, tanning, and spray tans.

Will I be hair free forever?

Maybe. I've heard mixed reviews on if it lasts forever. Some say yes, some say no. Some say yes if you get touch-ups every 6-12 months.

So I'm wishing for the best! I'll let you know in 2+ years. ;)


I'm excited (and hopeful) to be hair free! I definitely think it's worth the cost, time, and pain.

It'll be nice to go to the pool and not have to worry if I forgot to shave! 


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