How to Grow Instagram Followers Organically


Want More Instagram Followers?

Do you want more Instagram followers?

Duh, who doesn't right!

Maybe you want more followers just for fun, or maybe you're a business owner that wants to use Instagram to get more clients.

Either way, these tips are sure to help you out!

Your Username

What's your username? Make sure it's either your name or your company name. Also, be sure to use the same username on every social platform, so you're easy to find!

Business Account

Do you have a business account on Instagram? You should! Having a business account allows you to see all of your analytics! To have a business account, all you need it a Facebook Page.

Profile Pic

You want your profile pic to match your overall account! Make sure it's something eye-catching that makes people want to click it to learn more about you!


Your bio should tell people who you are, what you do, and why they should care. It should also give them a reason to click the link!

The Link in Your Bio

Your link in your bio is a huge opportunity! Use it wisely! You never want to directly sell on Instagram, so use your link to grow your audiences' know, like, and trust of you!

Last 9

Check out your last 9 photos on Instagram. If you saw this for the first time, would you follow you?

Tagged Photos

Check out the photos that you're tagged in. Untag yourself in any photos that don't represent you how you want to be represented! Be sure to change your account settings so you have to approve any future tags.

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