How to Become an Influencer

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Do you want to become an influencer in your niche? If you do then follow these 5 steps!

Step 1 - Pick a Theme

The first step to becoming an influencer is deciding what you want to be an influencer of! You'll want to pick something you like and know a lot about! Make sure it's something you can create content about and that people are interested in!

Step 2 - Pick a Place

Next, you need to decide where you want to be an influencer. Pick the social platform that makes the most sense for you and your niche. If you're great on video, YouTube might be right for you. If you're great at taking photos then Instagram could be your jam!

Step 3 - Pick a Schedule

How often are you going to post? You should base this on the platform you chose! Also, make sure it's something you can keep up with over time. You don't want to start out posting a ton and get burnt out!

Step 4 - Automate

There's no reason to do what you can automate! Schedule your posts so you stay consistent! One of my favorite tools for scheduling posts is Hootsuite!

Step 5 - Grow

Okay, now you're ready to grow your following! The way you grow will depend on the platform you choose. But keeping consistent content related to your niche, that adds value, will always help you grow!

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