Be More Successful...By Organizing Your Car

How can organizing my car make me be more successful?

You can set yourself up to be more successful by preparing for success. Keeping certain things in your car will make it easier for you to do things like getting to work on time and make it to the gym. Keeping your car clean can also make you feel less stressed since you'll enjoy going in your car each day. So let's get into how to keep your car clean.

How can I keep my car clean?

You'll want to clean out your car to get it clean to start with. Once it's clean, just take out your trash each day when you get home from work. This way you only have a little bit to throw out each day versus letting it pile up. Make sure to get regular car washes as well! I have a monthly car wash membership so I was my car 1-2 times a week.

I also love to keep seat covers, mats, and a steering wheel cover on my car to keep in clean and to help with the heat! 

How can I make sure I go to the gym?

I keep two gym bags in my car. I keep one small one that has one gym outfit in it. I have a second bigger gym bag that has multiple gym outfits in it. This way, I can just fill up my big gym bag each week instead of having to remember to grab my gym clothes every single day! I also keep a yoga mat in my trunk since I love yoga.

What else should I keep in my car?

I like to keep some things in my car "just in case" these things give me peace of mind and have come in handy a lot! These items include a flashlight, tampons, ponytails, sunglasses, a water bottle, flip-flops, tissues, make-up wipes, lint roller, perfume, spray on deodorant, protein bars, socks, and sneakers.

What should I leave out of my car?

Anything that can melt or explode (if you live anywhere hot like I do!). Think deodorant, chapstick, and soda cans.

Any other tips?

Yes! What you carry into your car is really important too. Each (work) day I carry my large purse with my laptop, agenda, pens, etc. in it. I also carry a smaller purse inside it with my wallet and keys in it so it's easy to find my keys and cards and if I have to run an errand, I can just carry my small bag instead of toting around my huge bag. I also bring my lunch box!


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