How do I balance all my passions? I want to do so many things!

It’s October so it’s a spooky time! Deciding what you want to be for Halloween is hard and deciding what you want to do for your career is even harder! 

Maybe you have a full-time job and are working on a side hustle that you’re hoping you can turn into your full-time gig. Or maybe you have a passion for multiple things but aren’t quite sure how to balance them or to become successful in all of them.

If either of these scenarios sounds like you, this post is going to provide you with a clear path of how to balance your passions. 

Don't Turn Every Passion Into Income!

First off, know you don’t have to turn EVERYTHING you love into a business. I LOVE pilates but if I taught pilates I think that would ruin how it relaxes me and helps me escape. So don’t try to make a profit on everything. Really think about what it would mean to turn something you love into a business and decide if it’s worth it! 

What Season are you in? Focus!

People that are multi-passionate tend to have a problem with focus. They have so many ideas and things they want to do that end up with a lot of half-done projects. Don’t let this be you! To focus and actually get things done you have to decide what is most important to you RIGHT NOW. What will help you get closer to your long term goals the most? 

Just like we have seasons for the weather (Fall, Summer, Winter, Spring), you should have seasons for your focus. Pick what your key priority is for the next 3 months. And let everything else go. It’ll be okay, I promise! If you put all of your energy into the one thing that’s going to get you closer to your goals, you’re going to feel so much more accomplished and get there so much quicker! You will be able to say “no” to things that aren’t a part of your current season. 

There are SO MANY things I want to do but I can’t do it all at once. I’d never get any of it done if I tried to do that. Instead, I choose the one project or goal that will make the biggest impact on my business right now and I focus on just that for the next 3 months. 

Do you want me to break down my steps to actually choosing the project to focus on and how I break down the project into manageable tasks? If you do, send me a DM on IG @AzaleeMaslow! 

So should you niche down like everyone says you should? 

I don’t agree with the idea that EVERYONE should niche down. There’s pro’s and con’s to it and I think you should make your decision for that based on your own personal goals. 


  • You can more quickly be known as an expert in a specific field and more quickly start making money.
  • You will have more opportunities because you’re the go-to person on a specific topic. 


  • You could pigeon hole yourself.
  • If your multi-passionate you might get bored.
  • People will go to you for a specific type of information and once they’ve mastered that topic they may stop following you because you’re no longer helping them.

Niching down is a way to grow quickly but I’m here for the long game and I think others that are will be the most successful LONG TERM. This is why I’m much more a fan of having a Personal Brand vs. just focusing on a narrow niche. 

With a personal brand, people are following you because they like YOU. So if right now you’re talking about topic X and next month you’re talking about topic Z, they’re still going to follow you because they still like YOU. 

Do you want me to break down how to create a personal brand? If you do, send me a DM on IG @AzaleeMaslow! 

So what if you already did niche down or you’re already known for something but you want to be known for something else? 

First off, know that you will lose followers. And THAT’S OKAY! Your followers followed you for a specific reason and if you stop providing that same value, they may not be interested in the new thing that you’re focused on is. But those followers aren’t going to buy your products because they’re not interested in what you’re now offering. So let them go!

(PS - Again, this is why I’m a fan of personal branding). 

If you’re ready to make the transition, start putting yourself out there as what you want to be known for now. You can either go cold turkey or slowly start talking/posting about your new topic more and more. Update your website, bio’s, pinned posts, and poster images to reflect your new focus. That way when new people find you, you’ll be attracting who will be interested in what your new focus is! 

I hope you have more clarity on what you should focus on to live your best life! 

If you have any follow up questions just shoot me a DM at @AzaleeMaslow! 

I hope you have an incredible Halloween!

<3 Azalee 

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