Azalee's Skincare Routine

Why are you sharing your skincare routine?

It's been requested! So here's my routine!

What's your skin type?

I was breaking out (I'll share how I stopped it below.) and it's a little on the dry side (probably from some of the things I do that I'll talk about below.).  Oh, I'm also SUPER pale. I quit tanning to help my skin (and prevent wrinkles) but right now I'm also getting laser hair removal done so I can't get spray tans done! :(

Okay...what's your morning skincare routine?

I (hopefully) wake up with no makeup on (unless it was one of THOSE nights...).

  • I wash my face with Cetaphil or Eminence Face Wash.
  • If I have mascara leftover I use Cetaphil makeup remover with a rag to remove it.
  • I brush my teeth with Crest white toothpaste to keep my teeth white. (I use Crest White Strips about every 2 months)
  • For face lotion, I use either Cetaphil or Eminence.

What's your morning makeup routine?

Now, this isn't technically a part of "skincare" but changing my makeup made a HUGE difference in my skin. I used to use heavy foundations and concealers. This is what I use now.

  • I use a Beauty Blender to apply everything on my skin. (Make sure you wet it before and clean it after.)
  • It Cosmetics CC Cream
  • It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye
  • It Cosmetics Bronzer
  • Chapstick - Hempz
  • Loreal Telescopic Mascara in black
  • Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette - I use the Smoky Palette and the Naked3 Palette. I pretty much only use the first two colors though.
  • It Cosmetics Vitality Flush Hydrating Lip Gloss Soft Stain in Soft Je Ne Sais Quois.

What's your evening skincare routine?

  • I use the eye makeup remover again.
  • Wash my face again.
  • Use the same lotion again.
  • Brush my teeth again.
  • Use chapstick again. Sometimes I'll use Lush Cosmetics Bubblegum lip scrub first.
  • Every night I take Spironolactone. It's a prescribed pill for hormonal acne. This is what seriously got my acne under control. I was on Accutane before and had great skin for like 5 years until it just decided to pop up again. This has kept it back at bay!
  • A few times a week I'll mix my face lotion with Fabior (it's a retinol that's prescribed by a Dermatologist). And that's helped my acne and acne scars LIKE CRAZY.
  • A few times a week (on different nights) I'll put a bunch of Eminence oil (Bright Skin Licorish and Neroli Age Corrective Hydrating Mist) on my face and use an ice roller. It helps soak in the oil and with inflammation! I also really like Eminence's Bamboo Firming Fluid.
  • Once or twice a week I'll do a good exfoliation with either a charcoal bar of soap or Eminence Poppy Seed Microderm Scrub. This is great to do before the oil treatment above.
  • I'll randomly do a mask. I love Eminence's Eight Greens Phyto Masque. It's especially great around your period! I also love trying anything moisturizing.

Where can I find this stuff?

You can find links to most of these items on Amazon here on my Favorite Beauty Products List. I usually buy my It Cosmetics from Ulta (for the rewards) and get everything else on Amazon. Eminence can be hard to find (it's usually in higher end spas) but even when you find it, they don't always have everything you want!


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