Are you choosing the right goals? 5 steps to choose the rights goals

I used to set goals and when I achieved them I didn't feel how I thought I'd feel. I thought I'd be happy and excited but I often felt the same as I did before achieving the goal.

Have you ever felt that way?

This happens when we choose the wrong goals to focus on. 

To choose the right goals, I like to follow this simple goal setting exercise. 

I created a podcast episode walking you through this, which can be found here.

Here's how to choose the right goals. 

1 - Rate your current life.

For each of the areas of life below, you're going to give each one a rating of 1-10. One being it can't get worse, and 10 being it couldn't get better. 

  • Physical Health: This is how you feel about yourself physically. This can be your weight, how often you get sick, or any medical conditions you're currently experiencing. 
  • Emotional Health: This is how you feel emotionally. Are you easily upset? Do you feel stressed often? These are things to consider for this area.
  • Environment: This is how you feel about your current environment. This can include where you live, where you work, your car, and any places you often visit.
  • Financial: This is how you feel financially. Are you happy with how much you have coming in or how much you have saved? Are you stressed about bills or debt? This is what you want to think about for this area.
  • Fun/Hobbies: How often are you doing the things that bring you joy? Do you feel like you need to have more fun? Rate this area based on your answers. 
  • Friends/Family: Do you feel like you get to spend enough time with your friends or family? Do you want to be closer to someone? Do you want more friends?
  • Significant Other: How do you feel about your current relationship? Or if you're single, are you happy to be single or do you want to find someone?
  • Purpose/Career: How satisfied are you with your current career? Is there anything you would change? Do you feel like you're living in your purpose?
  • Personal Growth: Do you feel like you're growing and involving? Do you want to work on yourself more?
  • Spiritual Growth: How are you feeling spiritually? Do you want to get more involved in your church? Do you need to get back to meditating?

2 - Notice where you scored the lowest.

Look over the ratings you gave and notice which area of your life you scored the lowest. You may have more than one area where you scored the same low score, you can choose to focus on just one for now or both.

3 - Create 3 goals for your lowest scored area.

Now that you've selected the area of your life to focus on (the one you gave the lowest score to) you're going to create 3 goals to accomplish that will bring your score in this area up. 

Set goals in 30 or 90-day increments, and make sure they're specific. 

4 - Create goals for the other items.

Now that you have 3 goals specifically created to bring up your lowest score, you can set additional goals for the next 30 or 90-days. I usually like to have 5 or 10 goals total. Your additional goals can be in any of the other areas.

5 - Create a plan to accomplish your goals.

Now that you know what you want to accomplish, you're going to need a plan to actually get them done. My next blog post and solo podcast episode will walk you through this step. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast (The PrettyAF Podcast) on your favorite podcast app to get the notification when that comes out! 

I love using this method to choose my goals! Try it out and let me know how you feel once you've accomplished the goals you've set using this method. 

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