5 Ways to stand out online as the go to expert in your niche

Do you ever see other experts in your niche talking about how long their waitlist is for their programs?

Wish that was you?

Here are 5 ways I give all my clients so they can be that girl, the go-to expert in their niche.

1 - Show you’re the expert through your content

Your content includes your social media posts, blog posts, podcast episodes, and videos you put on your social platforms.

You want to post content that only an expert in your niche would know.

Here are a few things you could post:

  • How to do something in your niche

  • Client results or testimonials

  • Answer common questions

To really position yourself as the expert, you’ll want to make sure every post matches your brand. Not sure how to do that? Take my Branding Masterclass where I’ll walk you through how to create a brand kit!

2 - Set your social media up for success

When someone lands on one of your profiles you want them to instantly think to themself “she’s an expert in x niche!”.

You can do that by doing everything in this article, but here are a few things you’ll want to make sure your profile has.

  • Your bio clearly states who you are and who you help

  • You have a link that points to your freebie, your offer, more content, or all of the above

  • You have a clear profile pic of you smiling

Want to revamp your social media profiles to really position yourself as the expert? Take my mini-course, 3 Day Slay!

3 - Get others to call you the expert

It’s one thing for you to tell people you’re an expert, it’s another for others to say it. This is why getting testimonials and getting featured in blogs, articles, and podcasts are so important.

Here’s how you can get others to call you the expert:

  • Ask your current clients for testimonials

  • Offer your current clients a referral fee for referring new clients to you

  • Sign up for HARO and submit to relevant articles/podcasts

  • Create a list of websites, podcasts, and events you want to write for or speak at and build relationships with the decision-makers

  • Hire a PR firm to get you featured in the media

4 - Showcase your knowledge with a freebie or small offer

It’s one thing to offer free content on social media, but if you package your knowledge into a freebie or small offer that gives someone a quick win, they’re one step closer to wanting to work with you.

Make sure what you offer is related to your niche and that it solves a problem quickly of someone that would be interested in your higher ticket offer.

5 - Have a high ticket offer

You don’t want someone to grab your freebie and have nowhere to go from there. Craft your high ticket offer that solves a high ticket problem in your niche.

If you need help crafting this offer, schedule a 90-minute intensive with me!

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