Hey, I’m Azalee!


I help women be their own boss and feel good doing it. I'll help you start your online biz, create your personal brand, and use digital marketing to create your success.

Let's Get Specific


Maybe it's my journalism/research background but I find nothing more annoying than when I go to Google someone or something and there's nada. So if you want my story (at least a timeline version of it) here it is.

Bachelors + Masters in Journalism + Media Studies 

2010-2012 + 2013-2015 

If you're trying to figure out those dates, I graduated with my Bachelor's in 3 years and my Master's in 2. I was in a hurry to get somewhere apparently. I attended UNLV for both my degrees with plans of becoming an entertainment journalist. I joined a sorority (Alpha Xi Delta) and met my now fiance there as well! I wrote my thesis on Cosmo magazine (check it out here). My thesis was later referenced in this book.  Oh, and that's my mom and brother in the pic.

10+ Years in Media 

2010 - Today

I actually started writing for the school paper in middle school (LOL) but I'll start the date from when I started college since that's when I started getting paid for my work in media. Throughout college, I interned at all but one news station in Vegas, I had a short series on a local news station and worked at UNLV's newspaper and news station. I worked at a salon at a casino and then as an assistant at an advertisement agency throughout college as well. Throughout college, I started to pick up other freelance projects that were mainly one-off projects; like writing a magazine article or creating a series of social media posts. 

Digital Marketing + Personal Branding 

2015 - Today

I know you're probably wondering what happened to being an entertainment journalist...I applied for journalism jobs for about 6 months and no one hired me. So I applied to other jobs. I "landed" a job at a local news station running the cameras and teleprompters but that obviously would be short-lived as it wasn't "the dream" and I could see we would be replaced by robots soon (not the first time it's happened to me either). I ended up at a music tech start-up managing their customer support and social media. 3.5 years later I had built out their marketing and customer support departments, started my digital marketing agency, and launched my first online course. I learned how powerful personal brands are for musicians and how that can carry over into other industries as well. 

Personal Branding Coach, Founder + CMO 

2019 - 2022

In 2019 I left the music tech start-up, launched PrettyAF as a brand and podcast, and was hired on to handle all the digital marketing for a multi-passionate entrepreneur. In March of 2020, the pandemic hit, and my new employer had to lay me off but became a client of my agency. Since then I've continued to grow the agency (now The PrettyAF Agency), my digital products, and have stepped into coaching. I have consistently seen revenue growth every quarter since I've been full-time in my business and as of 2021, I'm making more than I ever did at a 9-5. 

I get to do everything I love about entertainment journalism, but I get to choose who I work with and there's no cap on the income I can make or the impact I can create. The time freedom is nice too. ;)

So What's Next? 

2022 - Today

Right now I'm really focused on coaching

I'm also focused on continuing to serve all of our current clients in The PrettyAF Agency and continuously taking things to the next level. I always want to over-deliver. 

Aside from the biz, I'm really enjoying my engagement. We're currently in the process of planning our wedding and buying our first home together!

Some Fun Deets


💗 I love brunch (but they have to have gluten-free/pescetarian options and either a mimosa flights or bottomless mimosas).

💗 I'm a dog mom (his name is Gonzo and he may look like a chihuahua but he identifies as a pomeranian).

💗 I'm engaged! We met in college. We've known each other for 10+ years.

💗 I was born + raised in Vegas and then went to college here at UNLV.

💗 I love anything pink, sparkly, unicorn, or hello kitty. 

💗 Wine and choo-choo boards are always a good option. 

💗 I'm all about my friends and family. 

💗 I'm Catholic. 

💗 I love animals. I always have. 20% of proceeds from PrettyAF merch goes to animal charities. 

💗 I love to travel! Italy and Paris are next on my bucket list.

💗 I'm really an introvert and love just watching a chick flick and snuggling with Gonzo. 

💗 I'm looking forward to being a wife and mom.